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Cosmolex Native Document Storage for Financial Documents

March 4, 2017

How to create and set-up storage for financial documents


Cosmolex has released their Native Document Storage. You can now add documents without utilizing Box or Dropbox applications. While this was intended for client files, it is also a great way to keep your financial documents directly on Cosmolex, eliminating the need for multiple document storage systems.


In order to store the financial documents in Cosomolex, you must first enable Native Document Storage, create a new client and a related matter in which to store the documents. If access to the financial documents should be limited, you can restrict access based on a unique matter owner.


Note: In the examples below, we will create a new client (Admistrative), with a related matter (Financial). We will also create a unique matter owner (Administrator) for this matter.


Enable Native Document Storage in Cosmolex

Path:  Setup / Firm Settings / Apps / Doc Apps / Cosmolex: Turn On



Restrict Access to Stored Financial Documents - add unique matter owner

Path:  Setup / Matter Owner / Add

Enter:  Administrator



Create a New Client

Path:  Contact / Client / Add

Name:  Administrative



Create a New Matter

Path:  Matter / Add

     Client:  Administrative   

     Matter Name:  Financial

     Matter Owner:  Select: Administrator

     File #:  1000

     Custom Label / Add:  Administrative



Managing Folders within the Matter

Path:  Matter

     Select:  Financial

(Cosmolex Native Storage is displayed in the navigation pane, on the left.)



Create Financial Folders within the Internal Documents Folder

(In the example below, the documents are saved based on Accounting Year.)

Path:  Administrative matter

     Select/Highlight:  Internal Folder

     Click:  Add

     Select:  Folder

     Enter:  2016 Financials



Create Sub Folders within 2016 Financials Folder



Continue to Create Sub Folders



Manage Files / Documents

Path:  Administrative matter

     Select/Highlight:  Internal Folder

     Click:  Add / File

     Browse:  Locate and select file

     Click:  Choose to upload





If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email me at


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