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Tandem Legal Bookkeeping is a full-service legal-specific bookkeeping firm. We provide our clients with efficient billing, IOLTA compliance, and up-to-date financial information. We excel at the unique challenges that come with legal-specific bookkeeping. 

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Tandem provides full-service bookkeeping to law firms. We focus on the three accounting areas specific to legal bookkeeping: Legal Accounting (client/matter), Trust Accounting (IOLTA), and Business Accounting. By covering these three areas, we can ensure accurate and efficient client billing, IOLTA compliance, and up-to-date financial information. 

  • Trust Accounting - Our team has developed processes based on the most stringent regulations to eliminate guesswork and ensure that our clients are always in compliance. We accomplish this by notifying you when a transfer should be made into or out of the trust account, preparing the necessary reports for transfers made during billing, and preparing bank and IOLTA documents required for each transaction. In addition, we prepare all monthly reconciliation reports required by IOLTA regulations.

  • Legal Accounting – This area is often overlooked until billing when there is a rush to enter reimbursable client costs, payments, and trust receipts. Our team avoids this by ensuring that matters are always invoice ready. With daily reconciliations, we ensure the client costs are entered as paid, trust deposits and client payments are reconciled, and trust transfers are completed immediately upon receipt clearance.  

  • Business Accounting – Our methods allow for up-to-date financial information for your bank and credit card accounts. Monthly reconciliation is simply an end-of-the-month result rather than a time-consuming task.



Tandem is a full-service bookkeeping firm specializing in cloud-based legal accounting and practice management software. Whether working with new firms, firms looking to migrate their accounting systems, or firms that need to catch up on their financials, our team is here to help.


  • For new firms - our team will work with you to set up and customize your cloud-based legal software and help you onboard any third-party integrations. Based on best practices, we'll create seamless workflows for your legal management and accounting systems.

  • Firms migrating to a new system - we will review your financial information in the old and new systems to ensure that carryover balances, client/matter balances, and trust account balances are accurate. At Tandem Legal Bookkeeping, we ensure that "garbage in, garbage out" will not affect your new system.

  • Firms catching up on financial management - we have a long track record of reconciling seemingly unreconcilable accounts. We understand the unique needs of law firms and common entry mistakes, especially for trust accounting.


Our process is centered on invoice readiness, trust account compliance, and up-to-date financials.


Tandem can assist you in finding the right legal software for your law firm while optimizing it for your particular needs and circumstances. 

We are certified and/or partner with a number of cloud software providers:

We also work with various other software, including Leap and Centerbase.

Cosmolex Accounting Partner
Clio Product Pro
Cosmolex Certified Consultant
Clio Certified Consultant
CosoLex Migration Partner


"As a law firm consultant, I am very selective about those service providers I work with and recommend to my clients. Edita Milenkovic and I have been associated for over 12 years. When I manage a law firm start-up, I always include Edita to assist me with the financial set up and procedures. I can't imagine providing my services without her by my side. She is trustworthy, dependable, accurate and terrific to work with!"

                                                                                           Judy Norberg

                                                                                                        Norberg Consulting, LLC




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