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IIn 2010, after my experience working as a bookkeeper for a law firm from its inception through its eventual closing, I started NIS Office (now known as Tandem Legal Bookkeeping). At that time, new law firms were looking for more flexibility in their work, which was made possible by cloud-based legal practice management and accounting software. As a by-product of this new technology, it quickly became apparent that most small and solo firms only required part-time on-site bookkeeping staff. Most firms require less than an hour of bookkeeping a day. After receiving certifications from multiple software vendors, I built my practice to include clients nationwide.

Tandem consists of a small team of dedicated bookkeepers trained in all aspects of law firm practice management and accounting, focusing on IOLTA regulations. Keeping up-to-date on software and regulatory changes, we strive to implement processes to improve efficiency and bring value to our clients.

Edita Milenkovic

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